Arcade Cobblers & Locksmiths have all your shoe care needs. We have the largest colour range of polishes.

All our colour change paints can also be mixed to match any favourite clothing/accessory, including your wedding dress, purses/handbags or that special outfit...custom colour your shoes and make your outfit look perfect!

We have leather conditioning creams, leather softeners, leather stretching sprays, leather/canvas/suede shampoos and cleaners for all types of shoes.

Foam, cork, leather, wool, deodorant, rubber and gel insoles are available in a range of sizes. Water proofing sprays and creams for all types of leather/canvas/suede/satin and synthetic materials.

Plastic and cedar shoe trees, metal and plastic & long or short shoe horns & shoe stretching machines are also available in store at Arcade Cobblers & Locksmiths.

Arcade Cobblers & Locksmiths have the biggest selection of shoe laces, choose from a variety of lengths, colours and designs.

We have wax and cream polishes, leather dyes, heel grips and gel pads for your heels, bunions, forefoot and slingbacks to make those uncomfortable shoes comfortable.

The list goes on, for all your shoe and feet care needs.

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Arcade Cobblers & Locksmiths
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